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Research: Academic Nephrology

(1) General Nephrology and Glomerulonephritis

Our research team is active in research in the areas of chronic kidney disease epidemiology, diabetes nephropathy prognostic biomarkers and glomerulonephritis clinical outcomes, with funding from national and institutional competitive grants. We also have active collaborations with the Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI), Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI), Duke-National University of Singapore (Duke-NUS) Graduate School in investigator-initiated studies, in addition to sponsored clinical trials. Research projects are supported by the Clinical Trial Research Center (CTRC), Investigative Medicine Unit (IMU), Health Service Research Unit (HSRU), Medicine Academic Clinical Program (ACP) and the Renal Research Laboratory.

(2) Critical Care Nephrology

Our Critical Care Nephrology research team focuses on risk factors associated with acute kidney injury.   

(3) Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis

Our physicians conduct research in dialysis technology to improve patient-centric outcomes. Our projects include developing “Automated Wearable Artificial Kidney Peritoneal Dialysis (AWAK PD) in the Treatment of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Patients”, “Novel Hole Access Device to Preserve Vascular Access and Reduce Cost for Hemodialysis”.  The research projects are sponsored by Ministry of Health, National Kidney Foundation, A*STAR and other resources.

In addition, we collaborate closely with the Health Service Research team in Duke-National University of Singapore (Duke-NUS) Graduate School in evaluating cost-effective dialysis practices.

(4) Interventional Nephrology

Our research on improvement of vascular access, prolonging access survival and reduce technique failure through experimental and devices trials have earned recognition from international and regional conferences. Our collaborators include researchers from A*STAR and other hospitals.

 (5) Kidney Transplantation

As the largest pioneer transplant center in the country , the transplant program has ongoing research on transplant health system research, patient immunophenotypes and immunosuppressant pharmacogenomics, diagnostic  novel biomarkers, and the use of viral-specific cytolytic T-cell therapies.  These projects, with the vision to improve patient care and experience, are supported by the National Kidney Foundation and Lee Foundation. The transplant program is also involved in multicenter clinical trials on optimizing immunosuppression, the most recent being the TRANSFORM trial which is the largest multicenter clinical trial in kidney transplantation. It is also active in quality improvement projects, several which have received awards for improving work processes and patient care.