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​Your gift lends help and gives hope

Your support today can inspire hope and help provide critical care to patients through integrated clinical practice, education, research and patient care programmes. 
Giving & Philanthropy

The Impact of Your Gift

Every year about $1 million of financial assistance is needed from philanthropic gifts to support more than 2,000 patients in need at SGH. Your donation is critical to the patients in need for them to have continued access to life-saving treatment and care that are not covered under MediFund.
Giving & Philanthropy

Create a Named Fund

When you create a named fund with the largest and oldest tertiary hospital in Singapore, you are establishing a legacy of cure and hope through SGH. You can choose to impact many generations of patients, healthcare work and research with an endowed gift or enable immediate impact with an expendable gift.
Giving & Philanthropy

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Wish to leave a legacy behind for those who have touched you in life? Or designate your planned gifts to causes close to your heart and impact future healthcare? You can do so by planning your legacy gifts via your will, Central Provident Fund (CPF) or your life insurance policies.
Giving & Philanthropy

​Tribute to Healthcare Heroes

Our healthcare colleagues continue to work tirelessly at the frontline caring for the patients-in-need and the more vulnerable in the community, especially those with multiple medical conditions, with essential home visits, making it possible for them to keep well and get well in a familiar environment.
Giving & Philanthropy

Sharing Your Joy With Others

Choose a celebration that changes lives! Planning and running your own fundraising event is a rewarding way to rally the community, raise awareness and support for the causes you are passionate about.