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​Look for eServices for your healthcare needs.


Appointments >

Keep track and manage your medical appointments

Medicines Order Service >

Get your medications delivered to you

Request A Repeat Prescription >

Run out of medications and require a top-up before your next appointment?

Feedback & Compliments >

Your feedback is important to us. We want to hear from you!

Video Consult >

Attend to your medical appointments at your comfort with video consultation. Available for selected services only

Financial Counselling >

Use Admission Buddy to get an estimated cost of your admission, day surgery or endoscopy

MySurgery - Personal Assistant for Surgery >

Access your surgery details, referral visits and surgery related educational materials

Register to visit patient >

You can register online prior to your visit and skip the queue at our Visitors Registration Counters.

Personal Health

Request for Medical Records >

Making claims from your insurance company? Submit your insurance form or apply for a medical report

View Discharge Summaries >

View discharge information (up to 3 years) from your stay at SGH and other public hospitals

View Lab Test Results >

View your latest lab test results. Previous (up to 3 years) results are also displayed

View Prescription Records >

View your medications records and keep track of what medication you are/were on.

View Screening Records >

View your screening records such as X-ray

Health Tracker >

Track your own vitals: Blood, Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Body Mass Index

Update Personal Profile >

View and update your contact numbers, email, mailing address.


Payments >

Make payment for your medical needs and expenses

Download Final Bill >

Need the final bill for your claims?

Apply to pay with MediSave >

Pay for your or approved dependents' hospitalisations, day surgeries and selected outpatient treatments.

Pay using Medical Benefit Cards >

Present your medical benefit card at the counter during your visit or submit online.

Apply for Financial Assistance >

Seek help for your medical treatment costs

Feedback on Patient Financial Services >

Any feedback or compliments for our financial services?

Patient Financial Services >

More financial related services

Health Resources

Find a Doctor >

Look for a doctor/specialist working in SGH for your healthcare needs

Find a Condition or Treatment >

More than 600 conditions and treatments available in our records

Find a Medicine >

Search for a medicine and learn about it's effects