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​Look for eServices for your healthcare needs, whether you are a patient, visitors or looking for a specialist.


Keep track and manage your medical appointments

Medication Delivery Service

Get your medications delivered to you


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Lab Test Results

View your latest lab test results. Previous (up to 3 years) results are also displayed

Find a Doctor

Look for a doctor/specialist working in SGH for your healthcare needs


View your screening records and screening events available to you

Apply for Medical Report

Making claims from your insurance company? Submit your insurance forrm or apply for a medical report

Discharge Summaries

View discharge information (up to 3 years) from your stay at SGH and other public hospitals

Financial Couselling

Review your financial counselling information such as estimated bill size

Pay Online

Make payment for your medical needs and expenses

Prescription Records

View your medications records and keep track of what medication you are/were on.

Track Health Vitals

Track your own vitals: Blood, Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Body Mass Index