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Peritoneal Dialysis Centre

Contact Information

Diabetes & Metabolism Centre (DMC) Level 1
17, Third Hospital Drive, S168752
(Beside Singapore National Eye Centre)
65 6326 6711
Fax: 6326 6700

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday:
8.00am to 6.00pm

8.00am to 1.00pm

Sunday and Public Holiday:

‚ÄčThe Peritoneal Dialysis Centre provides individualised consultation and therapy to help patients choose the most suitable peritoneal dialysis treatment for their needs. The centre caters to walk-in patients who develop ad-hoc problems in their peritoneal dialysis, and also provides a 24-hour on-call nursing service to patients hospitalised in SGH. 

Clinical Services

Clinical services provided include patient training, and subsequent regular routine clinic reviews. At the time of entry into the PD programme, patients are trained to use these systems, with emphasis on proper exit site care, hygiene, and proper nutrition. These reviews occur in consultation with physicians, dietitians and PD specialist-nurses. The centre also provides routine scheduled clinic visits for PD specialised physician review. 

 The Centre provides walk-in services for patients who develop ad-hoc problems on PD. Its co-location within the hospital facility makes access to ther non-renal services easy and convenient for patients, including x-ray services or laboratory services. The centre also provides a 24-hour on-call nursing services to PD patients hospitalised in SGH. 

 Empowering patients to care for themselves requires frequent teaching. The Centre provides continuous patient education through means of organised patient talks, as well as newsletters, and maintains a web page by which patients can access information to enhance their care.


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