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Peritoneal Dialysis Programme


Singapore General Hospital Peritoneal Dialysis Program started in 1980. To date, there are over 450 peritoneal dialysis patients in SGH PD program. The centre provides comprehensive services for peritoneal dialysis patients including patient training, intermittent peritoneal dialysis service, dietary counseling, facilitating the home support service PD- related ad-hoc clinics, a 24-hour nursing on-call as well as 24-hour technical support service.

Clinical Services


The centre provides patient training on performing peritoneal dialysis. The centre also offers dietary counseling to all peritoneal dialysis patients.

During training, patients are empowered to self-care perform own exit site care and document their clinical parameters. Dietitian review during training will ensure understanding and the importance of nutrition in PD.

After completion of training, the centre facilitates the transition of care of patients from hospital to home by liaising with community peritoneal dialysis support team to arrange a home visit within the first week of completion of training.

The centre also offers out-patient intermittent peritoneal dialysis service for patients who require initiation of peritoneal dialysis early, within two weeks after insertion of the peritoneal dialysis catheter.

Clinic Reviews

In addition to providing regular clinic reviews for all patients, the centre also runs an ad-hoc clinic to cater walk-in patients with peritoneal dialysis-related problems. The centre provides a 24-hour phone consultation service for nursing or technical issues for all peritoneal dialysis patients follow-up in Singapore General Hospital. The Peritoneal Dialysis Centre provides individualized consultation and therapy to meet their lifestyle.

The Centre provides continuous patient education through means of organised patient talks, education forum and maintains a web page by which patients can access information to enhance their care.