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Renal Transplant Programme

​Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the first and largest hospital in Singapore. Singapore kidney transplant program performed its first deceased donor renal transplant in South-East Asia on 8th July 1970. Subsequently in 1976, the first living kidney donor transplant in Singapore was also performed at the Singapore General Hospital.  

Singapore General Hospital has a rich heritage in providing an extensive array of services, ranging from research to transplant training of fellows, post-graduate transplant residency, nurses and allied health.  The program runs solid organ transplant courses for nurses on a regular basis.  With over 1000 kidney transplant recipients and living donors under its follow-up, the renal transplant program is equipped with the state of the art facilities and multidisciplinary staff to provide advanced and team-based care, putting patients at the hearts of all we do. The renal transplant program also provides comprehensive post-graduate transplant training to healthcare providers such as the senior residency program in renal medicine as well as the annual solid organ transplant nursing course. 

The Department of Renal Medicine at SGH is also accredited by the International Society of Nephrology for training in renal medicine and has host fellows for training in renal medicine and transplantation. The SGH transplant research program partners with local and international research leaders in the fore front of transplant research to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics to give the best and affordable care for our patients .


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Clinical Services

The renal transplant program provides a wide range of services for patients seeking kidney transplantation or donation. We have a team comprising of physicians, surgeons, transplant coordinators, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and physiotherapists working together to provide an integrated person-centric care plan to maximize the opportunity for transplant success. 

Our services include:
  • Evaluation and preparation on potential candidates for renal transplantation or living kidney donation
  • Perform deceased and living kidney donor transplantation, ABO and HLA incompatible kidney transplantation and paired kidney donor exchange transplantation
  • Evaluation and diagnosing of complications of renal transplantation
  • Provision for complex immunosuppression and transplant related support services for non-renal transplant recipients
  • Provision for care and follow-up of living kidney donors
  • Delivery of multidisciplinary patient counselling and education

The transplant centre runs specialties clinics to cater for the needs of the programme: 
  • Post discharge and early transplant review clinic  where patients recently receiving a kidney transplant are followed up by a multidisciplinary team for the 1st 3 months before being discharge to their primary renal physician for long term follow-up
  • Kidney transplant assessment clinics where patients are evaluated by a multidisciplinary team to assess and prepare for renal transplantation
  • Wait-list management clinics where patients listed for a deceased donor kidney transplantation are seen regularly to ensure they remain in good health for deceased donor kidney transplantation if they are called up for one
  • Living donor follow-up clinics where individuals who have donated a kidney before for living kidney donor transplantation are followed – up yearly to monitor their health after donation
  • Counselling clinics where patients attend counselling sessions with our transplant coordinators to learn more about kidney transplantation and donation.  Counselling clinics are available at Changi General Hospital too.

Our Facilities

In order to provide these services in a seamless manner, we have 

  • Transplant Centre which provides a one-stop hub for our patients to receive multidisciplinary care in a seamless manner. Transplantation are conducted here where patients are served by physicians, transplant coordinators, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and pharmacists. The outpatient transplant centre also allows for outpatient transplant biopsies and therapies to be performed.
  • An Urology Centre which also provides a one-stop hub for our patients to receive a comprehensive range of pre and post-surgical transplant assessment and care.
  • Medical and surgical renal transplant units where patients with kidney transplantation are admitted for transplant surgery and cared for by dedicated multi-disciplinary team care.  During their stay in these units, they will be cared for by a multidisciplinary team dedicated to inpatient renal transplant care.