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​Giving to SGH Rheumatology Research

Giving to RHI ResearchHelping patients with Rheumatological diseases

​Rheumatological diseases affect 1 in 10 people in Singapore

​These diseases are often life-long, crippling, costly, and can be life-threatening

Cause of these diseases remain unknown

​Limited treatment options which can be costly

Donate today and be part of the change in our patients’ lives! 

Reverie Rheumatology Research Fund

Accelerates discoveries to find new and effective treatments for patients 

Rheumatology Patient Care Fund

Helps patients who cannot afford the out-of-pocket expenses for treatment and care despite prevailing subsidy scheme

Meet our Patients

Wish to know more about the RRRF or find out how you can partner us?

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Development Office

+65 6326 6378 / 6326 6728