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Interventional Pulmonology (IP)

Inpatient and Lung Endoscopy Centre (ILEC)
Block 6 Level 2
Tel: (65) 6321 3990

*For urgent referrals by physicians from other healthcare institutions, please call SGH hotline to ask for Rigid Bronchoscopist on call (RCCM Roster).
 GP Referral Hotline: (65) 6326 5361

Rigid Bronchoscopy 

We are one of the few centres in the Asia-Pacific region with the experience and expertise in rigid bronchoscopy (RB). Rigid bronchoscopy is commonly used to treat central airway obstruction from malignancies and tuberculosis. Unlike its flexible counterpart, it is performed under general anesthesia in the Operating Room (OR).

Our interventional pulmonologists have been trained in Korea, United States and Germany under renowned leaders in the field. We have the highest annual case volume in rigid bronchoscopy in Singapore, and work closely with anesthesiologists who have a special interest in advanced airway management and ventilation techniques. 

We offer a comprehensive range of interventional bronchoscopic modalities such as balloon bronchoplasty, bronchoscopic ablative therapies, metallic and silicone airway stenting, and brachytherapy. We also offer whole lung lavage for an uncommon condition called pulmonary alveolar proteinosis. It is performed with single lung ventilation in the OR.

The team also organizes regional courses, and our interventional pulmonologists are frequently invited to speak or teach at IP-related events in the region.

Pleural Service

We have a dedicated Pleural Service (PS) sees patients with pleural diseases referred inpatient and also follows them up in the outpatient clinic.

Services provided include chest tube placement, Heimlich valve insertion, pleurodesis and pleural lytic administration, pleuroscopy and indwelling pleural catheters.

These procedures are also performed in the ILEC. For more information regarding pleuroscopy, please click on the video link below.


An indwelling pleural catheter (IPC) is a soft tube placed at the side of your chest. It allows fluid that has accumulated in your chest to be easily removed without the need for hospitalization (or repeated medical procedures that may be uncomfortable). 

The aim is to relieve shortness of breath caused by fluid accumulation in the chest. The video links below demonstrate how to care for your IPC, and drain fluid in a safe way.

Bottle Drainage

Bag Drainage

IP Team.tif

Interventional Pulmonology Team

Director of Interventional Pulmonology

Clin Asst Prof Melvin Tay Chee Kiang (RB)

Deputy Director

Clin Asst Prof Carrie Leong Kah Lai (PS)


Assoc Prof Anantham Devanand (RB)

Clin Asst Prof Tan Qiao Li Esther (PS)

Dr Ken Goh Junyang (PS)

Treatments Offered