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Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - What it is

pleuroscopy thoracoscopy minimally invasive procedure to examine the inside of your chest

​Thoracoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to examine the inside of your chest. It aids in your diagnosis and treatment if there is fluid in your chest, which is also known as a pleural effusion.

Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - Symptoms

Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - How to prevent?

Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - Causes and Risk Factors

Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - Diagnosis

Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - Treatments

Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - Preparing for surgery


Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - Post-surgery care

Pleuroscopy/Thoracoscopy - Other Information

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