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MyCare App & Bedside Tablet

MyCare App

See your daily care schedule, medical information, or enquire about your care plan with your bedside tablet!

Patients staying in general wards can access their own care information anytime via MyCare App (an application installed on iPads by the bedside). Information available in MyCare App include patient’s daily care schedule, upcoming investigations, vital signs records, laboratory test results, medication list etc. MyCare App also comes loaded with interactive features including a messaging function for patients to ask questions about their care plan or to put in specific requests for water, pillow and housekeeping services. Patients can also use the bedside iPads to access MyEdu App to access education videos and other patient education materials.

The bedside iPads are available to all patients in general wards in SGH with the exception of neonatal and labour wards. 


My Care

Patients can view their medical information including diagnosis, vital signs (e.g. body temperature, respiration rate and blood pressure), test results, medications and dosage.



My Schedule

Patients can view their daily care schedules for meals, medication, tests or procedures. The feature allows patients to view their daily care schedules throughout their stay.


My Requests

My Requests

Patients can make specific requests for water, blanket, pillow, housekeeping services, toileting assistance, and more.


My Profile

My Profile

Patients can see their personal details including their caregiver contact details and allergies. Patients can also access education materials which include videos which inform patients what to expect during their hospital stay and how they can play an active role in their care, as well as education materials on medical conditions including skin and wound care, nutrition and cardiovascular conditions.


My Care Team

My Care Team

This tab provides information of the patient’s care team. Patients can also send a message to ask questions about their care plan or test results.


Patient education materials2.png

Patient Education Materials

Patients can watch educational videos related to their condition and learn more about self care with the myEdu app.