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Ward Facilities and Services

Nurse Call Bell

A call bell is attached to your bed panel for you to alert the ward staff should you require their assistance.

Patients' Lockers

Lockers equipped with digital lock are available at your bedside for safekeeping of your belongings. You are advised not to bring any valuables with you during your stay at the Hospital.

 If you have any valuable items on hand during admission, please arrange for them to be taken home or hand them to the nurse-in-charge for safekeeping. Singapore General Hospital will not be responsible for any loss of, or damage to patients'/visitors' personal items at the Hospital's premises, as such items are brought to the Hospital at the owners' risk.

Please do not bring items such as lighters, matches, knives or any other sharp objects that are prohibited in SGH. If found, these will be kept by the ward and only returned upon discharge.

Food Service

We offer a selection of Chinese, Indian/Muslim and Western cuisines to cater to the different palates of our patients. All our meals are specially planned by our dieticians to meet your medical requirements as well as your nutritional needs. Patients in Class A1 and B1 wards can choose from the food menu available on our 24-hour in-house TV Channel Three.

 Special diets are also available to patients who need specific diet control or are undergoing special diet therapy. Should you require a consultation with one of our dieticians, please approach your any of your ward nurses for assistance.

Telephone Services

Bedside telephones are available to patients staying in the Class A1 and B1 wards. For other patients, card and coin operated phones are conveniently located at the entrance of wards. Coin operated telephones are also available along the corridors of Class B2 wards.

We discourage the use of handphones in the wards as they interfere with medical equipment used to monitor our patients. Please request your visitors to turn off their handphones while in the ward. The use of handphones is strictly prohibited in the High Dependency Care and Intensive Care areas.

In-house Entertainment

Radio, free-to-air and cable programmes are available through the various TV channels in the wards.

Sleeper Units

Sleeper units are available for rent by patients staying in the Class A1 wards. They are available for use from 9.00pm to 7.00am daily. Please approach any of the ward nurses for assistance.

Hospitality Services

We provide the following hospitality services (on a fee-for-service basis) to help make your stay more convenient and comfortable:

  • Laundry services for your personal clothing
  • Transportation Services (taxis, limousines and ambulances)
  • The services of an in-house barber is available upon request.
  • Business Centre service (faxing, photocopying of documents).
  • Return to Home Country Arrangements