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Arriving at Your Ward

Ward Orientation

When you arrive at the ward, our ward staff will orientate you to the ward and the facilities available. An orientation video is also available for viewing at your leisure. A ward doctor will visit you to take your detailed medical history and carry out any necessary clinical tests and/or examinations.

Wrist Identification Band & RFID Tag

For your safety, a wrist band detailing your name, NRIC number and ward number will be given to you for wearing. Please wear it at all times while in the Hospital for identification purposes.

The wrist band comes attached with a RFID tag. A charge will be imposed for the loss of the RFID tag.

Infection Control

Speak up to prevent harm to patients

Speak up to prevent harm to patients

25 Oct 2021 | LighterNotes (SGH)
Running out of eggs
Singapore Health

Running out of eggs

25 Oct 2021 | Singapore Health