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SGH Work-Life

SGH has a history of excellence in work-life. Over the years, SGH has received various external recognition for our outstanding work-life programmes. This excellence in work-life is driven by a dedicated work-life team that is committed to providing holistic care for our staff, with programmes that address employees’ physical, mental and emotional health, social well-being and family life needs. The team has organizes diverse programmes to support staff in their efforts to achieve a healthy balance in life.

SGH Work-Life Philosophy

To achieve a balance between work commitment & personal needs 
Promoting this balance will enhance the well-being, productivity and commitment of all staff 

We work together to achieve sustainable work-life effectiveness to meet the Hospital’s objectives and employees’ needs. 

Work-Life Programmes

These are just some of the many work-life programmes and activities offered by SGH:

Physical Health 
  • Infrastructure and facilities include a well-equipped Staff Gym and a Multi-purpose studio.
  • Weekly exercise classes.
  • Mass fitness and health screening events organised by the SGH Workplace Health Promotion Committee.
  • Regular activities such as Nature Walks.
  • Inter-department and Inter-institution sporting competitions.
Social Well-Being 
  • Corporate social events such as Staff Appreciation Day, Family Day, and Annual Dinner & Dance.
  • Acculturation programme for newly recruited foreign staff.
  • Lifeskill worships and courses.
  • Dedicated Staff Lounge.
Mental and Emotional Health 
  • SGH peer support programme – Support Action For Employees (SAFE)
  • Counselling services provided by SGH’s social workers for staff
Family Life 
  • Parenting talks.
  • Dedicated Lactation Room for our staff.
  • Local and overseas tours.