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Mission & Core Values

SGH Clock Tower

Mission Statement

We deliver quality care to every patient through comprehensive integrated clinical practice, medical innovation and lifelong learning.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of:
  • Our patient - excellent and cost-effective healthcare
  • Our staff - continuing development and welfare
  • Our nation - partnership in promoting health

Our Vision

To be a renowned organisation at the leading edge of Medicine, providing quality healthcare to meet our nation's aspirations.

Our Core Values 

  • Compassion - I treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity - the way I want to be treated
  • Integrity - I adhere to the highest standard of professional conduct and ethical behaviour
  • Collaboration - I deal with diversity with an open-mind and value the contributions of all who are working together to achieve our common goals

Our Quality Commitment 

"Best Outcome, Best Experience"

Clinical Quality - Assure safe and integrated care delivery
Service Quality - Create Seamless Service; Excel in Personalised Care

Our Quality Priorities

Our Quality SPREE stands for the 5 Quality Priorities: Safety, Professionalism, Respect, Experience and Efficiency.

Safety - Providing a safe and secure environment for our patients, their families, students, visitors and all staff
Professionalism - Doing my job to the best of my ability and doing our best as a team
Respect - Valuing the dignity, privacy, needs and contributions of all we work with and serve 
Experience - Putting ourselves in the shoes of those we serve and work with to consistently deliver the best possible experience
Efficiency - Making full use of resources to improve processes and outcomes

Our Environment, Health & Safety Commitment

  • Guard against adverse Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) risks and continuously improve our performance
  • Reduce, re-use, recycle
  • Enhance efficient use of resources and energy
  • Ensure compliance with legal and other requirements
  • Nurture and promote EHS awareness among our employees, suppliers and contractors