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Learning and Career Development

The Learning and Career Development Department (LCDD) in SGH aims to build an Agile, Motivated & Competent workforce that provides quality healthcare to our patients.

Our Learning Mission

  • Career development for every level of staff
  • Engage staff through learning initiatives
  • Support staff learning through seamless process and systems
  • Build future healthcare pipeline to meet our Nation’s needs
As learning is part of SGH, we offer ample sponsorship and training opportunities. In SGH, we provide a systematic approach to develop our employees. Some examples of sponsorship and training opportunities are:
  • Overseas attachments
  • Certification and formal education
  • Classroom training
  • Health Manpower Development Plan Award (HMDP)
  • Lifelong learning bursary
  • Local / Overseas conferences and courses
  • On-the-Job training