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Claim Your MediSave Maternity Package (MMP)

The MediSave Maternity Package is a package that allows MediSave to be used to:

  • Pay expenses incurred during delivery (such as medical expenses, delivery expenses and daily hospital charges)
  • Pay pre-delivery medical expenses (such as consultations, ultrasounds, tests & medications)



How much MediSave savings can I use to pay maternity expenses?

Each MediSave Maternity Package has a different MediSave Withdrawal Limit, which depends on the delivery procedure (e.g. caesarean or vaginal delivery).

If you do not wish to claim for pre-delivery expenses, you can still use your MediSave savings for the delivery procedure and daily hospital charges. Each delivery procedure has a different withdrawal limit. The amount of MediSave that can be used cannot exceed the actual bill and the withdrawal limit.

What are the MediSave withdraw limits for pre-delivery expenses?

From 24 March 2016, pre-delivery expenses claimable limit has increased from $450 up to $900.

How can I make a MediSave Maternity Package claim for pre-delivery charges?

To claim pre-delivery charges from MediSave, parents need to submit the bills incurred for pre-delivery medical care to the hospital where baby was delivered. The hospital will submit these bills, together with the delivery expenses, for MediSave claims under the MediSave Maternity Package.

Am I able to withdraw from my MediSave for pre-delivery medical expenses before my delivery?

You will be able to claim your MediSave for pre-delivery expenses after you have delivered. 

Can I use MediSave for the birth of all of my children?

For obstetrics cases from 1 November 2016, Medisave can be used to pay bills incurred in delivery, regardless of the birth order.

How to understand the MediSave claimable amount in my bill?

Medisave - Claimable Amount

Mrs Tan gave birth via vaginal delivery at SGH. She stayed in class B2 ward for 2 days before discharge and does not have any third party insurance plan.

Medisave Maternity Package - Sample Bill



Source of information: CPF website & CPF Board Facebook Page