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Antenatal Classes

Labour and delivery may be one of the most physically arduous events in your life, but it will also give you the greatest prize of all - your baby! Our popular and well-received antenatal classes will help you to prepare for the big day as well as your new role as a parent. It's also a great way to meet other expectant couples, and to share information and support with them. 

We have two different antenatal class packages to help you prepare for pregnancy, delivery and the postnatal period. You are welcome to sign up for either one or both packages; please read on for more details.

a) Antenatal Class Package 1

Taught by experienced nurses and dieticians, these classes will arm you with important information and helpful pointers on having a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. You will also learn breastfeeding skills and how to care for your newborn. Package 1 classes are held from 6 to 8pm on Tuesdays. 

Session 1
  • Normal changes in pregnancy
  • Nutrition for mum and baby
  • Psychological preparation for pregnancy and parenthood
Session 2
  • Breastfeeding and skin to skin contact
Session 3
  • Parent craft and postnatal period
  • Tour of Nursery
Session 4
  • Labour without tears - methods of pain relief
  • Preparation for delivery
  • Labour ward tour

b) Antenatal Class Package 2

Led by our specialist physiotherapists, these classes are designed to promote physical wellness as your body goes through a series of wonderful changes in preparation for welcoming a new addition to your family. Package 2 classes run from 6 to 730pm over 2 Wednesday evenings each month. Exercise attire is recommended

Session 1: Exercises to help you better cope with pregnancy changes and aid you in a speedier postnatal recovery. 

  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises to prevent leakage
  • Ergonomic tips to prevent joint pain in pregnancy
  • Exercises to stay fit in a safe manner

Session 2: Techniques for coping with labour contractions and to help you push more effectively in labour 

  • Strategies to manage contractions
  • Effective pushing technique for a smoother delivery

To find out more about our antenatal classes, please drop us an email at You may also check with our friendly staff in O&G centre for details. Look forward to seeing you there!