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Listen and Talk Programme

Children with hearing impairment can learn to listen and talk

No infant is too young to be tested for hearing loss. With early fitting of hearing aids combined with appropriate therapy, a child with hearing impairment can learn to listen, talk and may attend regular schools and universities. If a child has little or no usable hearing, a cochlear implant can provide those as young as one year old with the potential to hear.

The Listen and Talk Programme

In this age of advanced hearing technology, which includes cochlear implants and digital hearing aids, the vast majority of children with hearing impairment have the potential to hear. But these children must learn to listen, and associate sound with meaning.

The SGH Listen and Talk Programme was launched in July 2001 to help children with various degrees of hearing impairment develop their ability to listen and use spoken language to communicate.

The Listen and Talk Programme provides:

  • Weekly Auditory-Verbal Therapy, where parents are given targets in audition, speech, language, cognition and communication relative to their child's age and stage of development
  • Audiological testing, fitting of hearing aids and cochlear implants when appropriate
  • Parent guidance, education and support through Parent Groups
  • Scheduled home visits
  • School visits to assist classroom teachers integrate children with hearing impairment into their classes
  • Mainstreaming workshops for educators in pre-school, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools
  • Medical Social Service for counselling and/or financial assistance
  • Books, videos and audio tapes from resource library
  • Other services like Education and Training and Reverse Education Therapy

SGH Listen and Talk Programme is 20 this year!

Since we started in 2001, our team of ENT doctors, Audiologists and Auditory-Verbal Therapists in the Centre for Hearing and Ear Implants have been working closely to provide care for patients with hearing loss. To celebrate our 20th Anniversary and in conjunction with Audiologist/AVT Day on 10th October, we interview some of our Allied Health Professionals. Read the interviews to get to know our AHPs better and learn more about the work that they do at our Centre.​