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SGH Listen and Talk Programme is 20 this year! Since we started in 2001, our team of ENT doctors, Audiologists and Auditory-Verbal Therapists in the Centre for Hearing and Ear Implants have been working closely to provide care for patients with hearing loss. To celebrate our 20th Anniversary and in conjunction with Audiologist/AVT Day on 10th October, we interview some of our Allied Health Professionals. Read the interviews to get to know our AHPs better and learn more about the work that they do at our Centre.



Elley Lau, Audiologist

  1. Describe your work as an audiologist.
    An audiologist is a professional who specializes in evaluation and management of hearing and balance disorders. We work with both children and adults.

  2. Why did you decide to be an audiologist?
    The passion for caring for others. I believe the little things that I have done could improve the quality of life for my patients.

  3. What do you like most about your job?
    It is a fulfilling job. I am proud and happy for my patients when they could hear and communicate well with others after they were fitted with appropriate hearing devices.

  4. What was your most interesting encounter at work?
    I remembered a 'quiet and shy' uncle suddenly turned to a 'talkative and confident' uncle after he could hear better when putting on hearing aids.

  5. What is something that people don't know about audiologists?
    Audiologists do not dispense medication.

  6. What is your purpose at work?
    To serve and help people with hearing difficulties.
    To keep myself updated with the latest hearing technology.

  7. What are you passionate about?
    To make life different for people with hearing difficulties.