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Sample Collection Services

Client and Specimen Management Section, Division of Pathology, is the Collection/Reception Centre for samples sent from Singapore General Hospital, other hospitals, clinics, laboratories, organisations and other countries.

Client and Specimen Management Section, Division of Pathology

LocationLevel 8, Diagnostics Tower, Academia, 20 College Road, S169856
Tel6321 4950 / 6321 4952 / 6321 4904 / 6321 3727 / 6326 5454 / 6326 5306
6326 5353 (for private medical practitioners only)
Fax6222 8924

Singapore General Hospital

Samples from Singapore General Hospital should be despatched to the pneumatic tube stations as follows:

 Send to:
Samples for blood transfusionPneumatic Tube Station 655,
SGH, Block 6, Level 5
All other samples EXCEPT Histopathology & Cytopathology specimen, and high risk samples for virus isolation and antigen detectionPneumatic Tube Station 652, 653, 654 & 901,
Level 8, Client & Specimen Management (CSM)

The following samples should not be sent by pneumatic tube:

  1. Prenatal, bone marrow samples and solid non-neoplastic and neoplastic tumours for cytogenetic tests should be sent by hand to the CSM specimen reception counter.
  2. CSF for Cytology examinations should be sent by hand to the Cytology Laboratory as soon as possible.
  3. All specimens for histopathology examinations. Please see ‘Sample Collection Services’ in Histopathology section for details.
  4. High risk samples for virus isolation or antigen detection, for example, from suspected VHF (viral haemorrhagic fevers) patients should be hand delivered to the laboratory.

Other Hospitals

Samples from other hospitals are collected according to the following Transport schedule:

Destination Collection Site Days and times of collection     
 Monday - Friday Saturday
Mornings Afternoons Mornings
NSCClinical Lab Level 2-2.45 pm -
TTSHClinical Lab10.30 am2.30 pm10.30 am
CGH    Clinical Lab10.30 am 2.30 pm10.30 am
Bright Vision HospitalReception Level 1 11.45 am3.45 pm11.45 am

Private medical practitioners may collect their patients’ samples and send them for testing to the nearest SingHealth polyclinic laboratory supported by the Division of Pathology. Alternatively, they may send their patients with the request forms to any of these polyclinic laboratories for samples to be taken by our technical staff.

Please refer to “Locations of Laboratories” for the names and addresses of polyclinic laboratories supported by the Division Pathology.