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Criteria for Unacceptable Samples

Some samples may not be accepted. Reasons for not accepting such samples include:

  • No patient data on test request
  • Sample without test request or label
  • No sample accompanying test request
  • Sample without label
  • Nature/source of sample not indicated
  • No diagnosis, clinical history or authorised requestor's name on test request
  • Blood lysed/clotted
  • Unsuitable sample: e.g., sample sent without or in incorrect transport medium/ anticoagulant/ preservative/ temperature
  • Sample sent in wrong/inappropriate container
  • Contaminated sample
  • Broken or leaking container or spilt sample
  • Insufficient sample
  • Delayed sample
  • Test(s) not available in SGH Labs
  • If Test Request Form is used, the name on form/specimen do not match, test request(s) on form/specimen do not match, serial numbers on form/specimen do not match

The laboratory will try not to reject a sample unless it poses a health hazard or if results of tests done on such a sample will not be meaningful. Attempts will be made to contact the ward staff/laboratory user to try and solve any problem(s) especially for samples obtained via invasive procedures. However, if any doubt remains as to the identity or source of a sample, it will be rejected, and another sample requested.

The rejected specimen(s) will be logged using the Laboratory Information System (LIS) and the Rejection of Specimen Form will be sent to the ward/laboratory user. Rejected specimen(s) will not be returned.