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Laboratory Reports

  1. All reports of laboratory test results will be computer printed and will contain all patient identification data, patient location and other relevant information as provided in the test request.
  2. Results will be reported with reference ranges, abnormal panic flags, etc., where applicable.
  3. Emergency/stat test results, abnormal critical results and results of pathogenic organisms isolated from blood and cerebrospinal fluid or of public health importance such as V. cholerae and Salmonella Typhi will be reported by telephone to the staff nurse or doctor-in-charge of the patient, as indicated in the test request. Telephone reporting should be considered an interim step and requires confirmation with a printed report.
  4. Please see the turnaround time of each test as listed in the individual discipline to have an idea of when to expect test results.
  5. Enquiries on test results can be made to the Client & Specimen Management Section of the Division of Pathology. Enquiries of cytogenetics, haematological and blood transfusion tests should be made directly to the Cytogenetics, Haematology, and the Blood Bank Laboratories, respectively.
  6. The type of report e.g., preliminary, final or duplicate will be indicated.
  7. Results of tests from all clinical laboratories are transmitted on-line to the hospital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for viewing in SGH wards and clinics by clinicians and relevant healthcare workers.
  8. Reports for other hospitals, clinics, laboratories and organisations are despatched by our division’s Client & Specimen Management (CSM) or collected at the CSM Office as pre-arranged with the respective clients.
  9. Please see Myobacteriology (Special Instructions) for details on Mycobacteriology reports.