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Laboratory Specimens collected by Alternative Phlebotomists

Category                        LaboratoriesLaboratory Tests                                                                                                             
(A) Tests/Specimen suitable to be collectedAllAll tests in latest Pathology Lab Services on the SGH Intranet or SGH Interrnet Website, except those in (B)
(B) Tests/Specimens NOT suitable to be collected

Clinical Biochemistry 
Tests/Specimens collect by Alternative Phlebotomist for SGH Campus, NHC, NCC, SNEC, NDC
1. any tests that require ICE for specimen collection
2. any tests that require special timed collection and prior instructions: GTT
3. any tests that require special preparation or equipment: GFR (ht/wt), ICG (dye),
4. any tests that require space and storage conditions: 24hr urine collection bottles (space, HCI), Fridge
5. any tests that require immediate interpretation by attending doctor: INR, ECG
6. All CSF tests
Amino Acids, plasma/urine
Ammonia, plasma
Blood Gases (arterial, venous, capillary), blood
Carboxyhaemoglobin, blood
Methaemaglobin (Quantitative), blood
Calcium ionic, blood
Homocysteine, blood
Lactate, plasma
Organic Acids, urine
Pyruvic Acid, blood
Vit A/Vit E, serum
Beta crosslaps, plasma
N-Mid Osteocalcin, blood
First Trimester Screening Panel (PAPP-A, free bHCG), serum
Indocyanine Green Retention Test, serum
Mycophenolic Acid (Peak, Trough, Random), blood
Porphyrins, urine
Coproporphyrin (Qualitative), urine
Uroporphyrin (Qualitative), urine
Urine Phase Contrast
Xylose Absorption Test, urine
Renal Panel with GFR /glomerular filtration rate (must have latest ht/wt)
Glucose Tolerance Test (2 specimens), plasma
24HR Urine
5-HIAA, 24-hour urine
Calcium, 24-hour urine
Citrate, 24-hour urine
Copper, 24-hour urine
Cortisol free, 24-hour urine
Creatinine Clearance Test
Catecholamines, 24-hour urine
HVA, 24-hour urine
Magnesium, 24-hour urine
Metanephrines, 24-hour urine
Microalbumin, 24-hour urine
Oxalate, 24-hour urine
Protein, 24-hour urine
Phosphate, 24-hour urine
Urea/K/Na/Cl/Cre, 24-hour urine
Uric Acid, 24-hour urine
VMA, 24-hour urine
Aluminium, serum/urine
Arsenic, blood/urine
Cadmium, blood/urine
Chromium, blood/serum/urine
Copper, serum/urine
Lead, blood/urine
Manganese, serum/urine
Mercury, blood/urine
Nickel, serum/urine
Selenium, serum/urine
Zinc, serum
Require immediate interpretation by attending doctor                               
Electrocardiogram (12-lead)
BacteriologyCSF and sterile fluids culture
Ocular specimens' for culture
- conjunctival specimens
- corneal scrapings
- intraocular fluid
Lower respiratory tract specimens' culture
- tracheostomy aspiration
- endotracheal aspirate
- bronchoscopy samples
Upper respiratory specimens' culture
- nasopharyngeal suction
- sinus aspirates
- tympanacentesis fluid
Deep wounds, aspirates & tissue specimens' culture
- bone
- deep wounds & abscesses
- soft tissue aspirate
- biopsy specimens
Urine specimens' culture collected by the following techniques
- illeal conduit urine
- straight catheter urine
- indwelling catheter ruine
- suprapubic aspiration (SPA) of the urinary bladder
- bladder washout test
- cystoscopy: bilateral ureteral catheterisation
- prostatic massage
Blood Culture (aerobic / anaerobic)
Bordetella pertussis Culture
Chlamydia Antigen Immunofluorescence
Haemophilus ducreyi Culture
Mycoplasma hominis Culture
Neisseria gonorrhoeae Culture
Ureaplasma Culture
Helicobacter pylori Culture
Central TB LabAll tests in latest Pathology Lab Services on the SGH Intranet or SGH Interrnet Website.
CytologyAll Gynaecological & Non-Gynaecological cytology tests listed in latest Pathology Lab Services Handbook, SGH Intranet or SGH Interrnet Website
CytogeneticsChromosome analysis/FISH tests other than on peripheral bloods.
HaematologyPlatelet Aggregation Test (ADP)
Platelet Aggregation Test (Arach Acid)
Platelet Aggregation Test (Collagen)
Platelet Aggregation Test (Epinephrine)
Platelet Aggregation Test (Ristocetin)
Osmotic Fragility (37 deg C)
Unstable Haemoglobin
Bone Marrow Aspirate Examination
Blast cells, CSF
NAP Score
Autohaemolysis (-Glucose)
Immunology SerologyT-Spot TB
Total Serum Complement (CAE)
Molecular LabAvian Influenza (A/H5) PCR
Avian Flu (H7N9) RT-PCR
Novel Coronavirus PCR
SARS Coronavirus PCR
Tetraplex PCR (HSV, CMV, VZV, Toxoplasma gondii)
VirologyAdenovirus Isolation
Chikungunya Virus Culture
Chikungunya/Dengue Duo Culture
Cytomegalovirus Isolation
Dengue Virus Isolation 
Enterovirus Isolation
Herpes Simplex Virus Isolation
Influenza Virus Isolation
Measles Isolation 
Mumps Virus Isolation
Neurotropic Virus Isolation (HSV, mumps, measles, enterovirus)
Respiratory Virus Isolation
Varicella-Zoster Virus Isolation