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HEPATITIS C VIRUS (HCV) QUANTITATIVE PCR - Test discontinued w.e.f. 22 Sep 2021





​For detection and quantitative measurement of hepatitis C viral (HCV) RNA in human serum or plasma. For monitoring response to treatment, where samples are obtained prior to and during treatment.

Specimen Required

​6 - 10 mL blood in sterile EDTA container or serum separation tubes. Alternatively, at least 3 mL plasma or serum (separated from EDTA-treated or whole blood within 6 hours of collection by centrifugation at 800-1600g for 20 minutes at room temperature) in a sterile screw-capped polypropylene tube.

Storage and Transport

​Refrigerate sample until transfer to laboratory. Do not freeze (except for plasma or serum). Sample must reach the laboratory within 24 hours after collection for plain blood and 48 hours for EDTA blood (preferably within 6 hours for all samples). Plasma may be stored at 2 - 8°C for up to 2 days or frozen at -70°C before despatch to the laboratory.


​Real-time PCR (Roche COBAS Ampliprep/TaqMan HCV Quantitative Test, version 2.0).

Test Results

​Not detected or Detected (quantity reported in IU/mL)

Linear Range: 15 to at least 1.00E+08 IU/mL

Reference Interval / Value

Turnaround Time

​1 - 8 days    

Day(s) Test Set up



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