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Early Recovery After Surgery (Caesarean Section)

You have just had a surgery and are on the road to recovery. Here are some steps to help you recover better after a Caesarean Section.

Before Caesarean Section

Remain physically active before your surgery. If you have been prescribed any exercises by the physiotherapists, please do them.

Immediately after Caesarean Section

You will have one hour of skin-to-skin bonding with your infant, unless your medical history and the baby's condition do not allow this to take place.

After the Caesarean Section

Take your painkillers regularly as prescribed. Good pain control helps you to sleep better, breathe deeply, move comfortably and walk sooner. All these will help with your recovery.

The painkillers prescribed are safe for you and your breastfeeding. Start breastfeeding as soon as you can. If your baby is separated from you, you should stimulate your breast and express milk within 6 hours of delivery.

Drink plenty of fluids. You could ask for Milo, tea or coffee.

If you are able to and your medical condition allows it, early feeding starting from fluids to soft diet, followed by normal diet is encouraged.

The day after Caesarean Section

Continue to take your painkillers regularly. If you need to cough or sneeze, support your wound with your hands to minimize the pain.

Your urinary catheter and pressure bandage will be removed. You will be allowed your diet of choice.

Continue breastfeeding 8 to 12 times a day. Feel free to ask for help from the nurses or lactation consultant. Make sure your back is supported when you breastfeed. Continue rooming in with your baby.

Get moving

You will be encouraged to get out of bed and walk.

An abdominal binder is useful to reduce any pain from movement.

When you are in bed, move your ankles up and down to promote blood circulation – do this 20 times every hour you are awake and lying in bed.

Watch the video to learn how to move safely after surgery. Start practicing now for better recovery!



Getting out of bed

Practise getting out of bed and transferring to the chair 3 times a day.

Roll to your side and push yourself up with your hands. This is less painful than getting up by raising the head of your bed to put you in a seated position.

Start walking with assistance, for example, with a family member or  a nurse.

Try walking out of your room 3 times a day.

Two days after Caesarean Section

You should be going home 2 days after your Caesarean Section, if you are well.

If you have a wound dressing, it will be changed to a waterproof dressing before you are discharged. You may remove the dressing in 3 days and expose the wound.

Wash your wound gently with soap and water when you are having your bath. Keep the wound dry after.

Continue to stay active at home. Walking around at home helps the wound heal better and makes your recovery faster!