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Infectious Diseases

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Academia, Level 3
65 6321 3479
(for departmental matters only)

​The Department of Infectious Diseases is involved in a range of clinical, education and research activities related to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections. 

We focus on 
  • Clinical care of patients with a wide spectrum of infections with varying complexity:
    We are closely linked to our partners in various national centres such as National Cancer Centre, National Heart Centre and SingHealth Transplant Centre. As such, we are particularly noted for our expertise in the management of infectious diseases in oncological, haematological and transplant patients as well as in surgical patients who have undergone complex surgeries. 
  • Hospital epidemiology and infection prevention:
    We are heavily involved in the prevention and management of infections with multidrug resistant pathogens, especially in the immunocompromised host population. 
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate training in infectious diseases:
    In addition to training Singaporean medical students and doctors, we have received accreditation for advanced training positions in infectious diseases by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. We also host overseas infectious diseases physicians from the Asia Pacific region. 
  • Basic and clinical research in microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, host defense mechanisms and antimicrobial resistance research. We also run a number of clinical trials. 


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Clinical Services

Our doctors treat a wide spectrum of infections of varying complexity, ranging from simple community acquired infections to complex infections in the immunocompromised patient. Our services include providing clinical care to inpatients and outpatients in:

General Infectious Diseases

  • Community acquired infections 
  • Healthcare associated infections , including infections with multidrug resistant pathogens
  • Medical device infections
  • Endovascular and cardiothoracic infections
  • Orthopedic infections, including implant infections
  • Emergencies in Infectious diseases 
  • Chronic infections such as tuberculosis, non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections, human immunodeficiency virus
  • Fungal infections, including endemic mycoses
  • Fever of unknown origin

Transplant Infectious Diseases

  • Infectious complications in the solid organ transplantation
  • Infectious complications in the bone marrow transplant recipient
  • Infections complications in patients receiving intense chemotherapy for malignant disorders
  • Fever of unknown origin in neutropenic patients/immunocompromised hosts

Travel Medicine

  • Pre-travel advice and vaccinations
  • Infections in the returned traveller

Outpatient antibiotic therapy

Antimicrobial Stewardship