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Research in SGH

Join SGH as a Research Staff

Research is a continually evolving field, as new technologies and other advances constantly open new research avenues and opportunities. Research professionals are on the cutting edge of scientific and technological developments, and their work leads to new medicines, products, medical processes and numerous other developments.                        

SGH aims to develop into a global centre of clinical research. The Division of Research is the nucleus of SGH’s research infrastructure, oversees the governance of research activities, secures and administers grants, and develops research capabilities and talent.

Our Departments include:
  • Division of Research 
  • Biomechanics Lab
  • Clinical Trials Resource Centre 
  • Department of Clinical Research    
  • Health Services Research & Biostatistics Unit 

Our partners in SingHealth:

  • SingHealth Research
  • Centralised Institutional Review Board
  • Investigational Medicine Unit