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Meet Our Research Staff

Encouraging boss, good colleagues, harmonious working environment and a good place for learning and growth here at SGH have made my work here for the past 9 years enjoyable.

SGH has given me a good platform to continue my research dream. I have finished my Masters Degree in Biomedicine supported by a SGH scholarship. I am continuing to work hard and aim to be a good scientist.

My research area of interest is in Immunology. My job is to investigate diseases (including cancer, autoimmune etc) and try to improve the possible prognostic and diagnostic outcome of the diseases. Research is full of challenges, and to me, conquering a challenge and solving a problem gives me a great sense of achievement. I hope that one day my research can be a cure or help to improve the quality of life of a patient.

Lim Che Kang 
Research Associate

I joined SGH as a Lab Technician 15 years ago. In 2002, SGH sponsored my doctorate study which allowed me to upgrade myself and gain more experience to become a Principal Research Scientist.

To me, doing research is like making an art piece; it requires ideas, experience, patience and most importantly, passion. I enjoy working in SGH, and wish that we can continue to contribute to excellence in academic medicine

Michelle Tan Guet Khim
Senior Principal Research Scientist

I have been actively engaged in clinical research for the past 20 years in Department of Clinical Research, SGH.

I am passionate about my occupation, and put my best foot forward in every one of my research projects. At the start of each day, I foresee myself meeting some new challenges, facing some new difficulties and gaining some new insights; all these encounters have left me enriched, such that every day is exciting in its own way, and no day is identical to another.

Zhao Yi 
Senior Principal Research Scientist

I chose to join SGH due to the strong ties SGH has with major education and health industries in research collaboration. SGH also provides state-of-the-art technologies and well-equipped facilities where researchers can conduct many first world trials. The journey at SGH has been very exciting where I get exposed to many new things.

As a Senior Research Coordinator, I can put to good use my skills in problem solving and data analysis. Working with a team of clinicians and other researchers, it is my hope that when the results of the trials are published, our efforts can help to improve patient care and save more lives. 

If you have passion for saving lives and improving patients’ quality of life, we welcome you to join the big family of SGH!

Garion Koh
Senior Research Coordinator