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Learning Opportunities

Join SGH as a Nurse

There are various learning and development opportunities for all levels of nurses. 

At SGH, we are passionate about lifelong learning and professional development. We firmly believe in supporting our nurses aspirations in upgrading their professional knowledge and clinical skills. 

We also have a dedicated training institute for our nurses.

Development and Training Programmes for SGH Nurses

SGH nurses can look forward to the following professional development programmes:

Foundation Courses to orientate and induct newly hired nurses, familiarising them with the SGH environment and enabling them to assume their responsibilities. 

Staff Development Courses that are critical to the continuing development of nurses as well as supporting the changes implemented by the Hospital. 

Continuing Nursing Education that consists of a series of short sessions organised and conducted at a unit level, and are aimed towards updating nurses on trends and practices in the relevant discipline.

Learning and Career Development Department

The Learning and Career Development Department (LCDD) in SGH aim to build an Agile, Motivated & Competent workforce that provides quality healthcare to our patients. As learning is part of SGH, we offer ample sponsorship and training opportunities. 

SingHealth Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing (IAN)

SingHealth Alice Lee IAN, set up in February 1997, was the 1st in Asia to receive the Continuing Nursing Education Provider from the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC). It was set up to meet the increasing demands for the training of our nurses and nursing support staff in equipping them with valuable skills required for their expanded roles in patient care. 

SingHealth Academy

The education arm of SingHealth, SingHealth Academy is a collaboration of SingHealth’s healthcare institutions and specialised education centres. Through education, we aim to empower healthcare professionals with the training and resources needed to advance clinical knowledge and expertise – in an effort of providing high-quality patient care in the frontiers of academic medicine.