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PS21 Distinguished Star Service Award 2017

The PS21 Star Service Award recognises and rewards public officers who have consistently demonstrated high standards of service excellence.

Nurse Clinician Janet Chong has certainly received more than all the awards in our institution in the past three years. This year, she is the deserving winner of the Distinguished Star Service Award from the government for outstanding public officers.  

It may not be an emergency to us but it matters to our patients, says Nurse Clinician Janet Chong

Going the extra mile by making house calls on her rest days, or staying late in the clinic to attend to patients is not unusual for Janet, as a patient’s family wrote:
"Sister Janet attended to my dad in Aug / Sep last year when he accidentally pulled out his feeding tube. She stayed and waited for my dad at the clinic when I called at 5 plus which was passed her working hours. I am indeed grateful for her patience and care to handle my dad. Great job and keep it up!"

In addition, she has received compliments from patients for taking time to listen and chat with them as well:
"Sister Chong attended to my mother for counselling before the insertion (of the gastrostomy feeding tube), after insertion at the ward and after discharge. She was professional, compassionate and patient, taking time to listen to my mother’s concerns. It also helped that she is fluent in Teochew. She was also very jovial and that lightened the stressful situation."