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SGH Research Peaks are part of the SGH Research Strategy Framework developed to enhance SGH's research competitiveness and guide future research infrastructure development.

A Research Peak is defined as an area of world class excellence in research in SGH, which would encompass some or all of the following:
• Cutting edge treatments for patients
• Excellent care for our patients and population
• Regularly obtaining national / international grants and publishing in high impact journals
• Researchers in this area in SGH being key opinion leaders in their area of research internationally
• Enhances SGH’s reputation

Research Peaks:

(1) Cancer with a focus on: blood, breast, prostate and colorectal cancer. SGH has significant clinical and research expertise and repositories of biological specimens of these cancers. These cancer research studies are not competitive, but with the intention to complement and synergise research from NCCS.

(2) Cardiovascular disease with a focus on 'Out of hospital cardiac arrest' and 'In-hospital early warning system', two niche areas which SGH has a strong track record of scientific output and translation into clinical care. These studies will potentially complement research done in NHC.

(3) Diabetes and metabolic disorders. A broad-based research direction will be conducted in the future, in contrast to the original focus on 'precision medicine'.

(4) Infection with a focus on antimicrobial resistance and infection prevention. This is in recognition of the need to develop infection prevention as a research and clinical focus in SGH.

(5) Immunology & Transplant. In addition to immunology related studies, we would like to promote inter-disciplinary collaborations, provide opportunities and foundations to develop transplant research because SGH is the only restructured hospital in Singapore with six transplant programmes spanning kidney, liver, pancreas, haematopoietic stem cells, skin and ovarian tissues.

(6) Aging with focus on: osteoarthritis, perioperative medicine in the elderly, sarcopenia and chronic disease management. SGH has competitive advantages for the stated initiatives in aging research, which include a strong track record of osteoarthritis research in SGH, and having the only perioperative medicine database in Singapore with a dedicated perioperative assessment clinic with standardize data capture. Furthermore, SGH will also work closely with community hospitals to address research in sarcopenia and chronic disease management.