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Research Focus Areas

​All SGH activities related to US federally conducted or supported human subject research will comply with the Terms of the Federalwide Assurance (FWA) for International (Non-US.) Institutions as stated in the US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) website.

Focus Areas:

Aging, Biomechanics, Frailty and Sarcopenia

The Aging, Biomechanics, Frailty and Sarcopenia theme (ABS) is an integrated, comprehensive and shared platform for the study of the science and biomechanics in aging through in-vitro and in-vivo research and from bench to community.

Cancer: Early Diagnosis to Long Term Survival

Cancer is one of the top diseases inflicting both morbidity and mortality in our population. Despite preventive lifestyle modifications and environmental health, incidence will increase with our demographic changes.

Cardiovascular: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

In this research theme, we aim to improve outcomes for critically ill patients in Singapore through early detection and population/systems level interventions for sudden cardiac arrest.

Diabetes: Precision Medicine in Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

A paradigm shift in diabetes management is urgently needed and we believe that precision medicine will play an important role in order to achieve the simultaneous improvements in population health, experience of care, work-life of provider and reduction in per capital cost.

Infection: Precision Medicine in Infectious Diseases

We are focusing specifically on the clinical diagnostics and therapeutics in the fight against XDRO and AMR. We aspire to bring biomedical innovations in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of XDROs from bench to bedside via multi-centre clinical trials in Singapore.

Immunology: Immunology and Inflammation

The immune system plays a crucial role on maintaining health and wellness of the human body and dysregulation of this system results a myriad autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases and cancers which span almost all disciplines of medicine.