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Infection Banner.pngEnvisioned Future

  1. To develop personalised medicine in infectious diseases (ID) for better health
  2. To leverage Health IT and data analytics for better patient care
  3. To perform health technology assessments of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)/ pandemic prevention and treatment options for lower healthcare costs
  4. To push the boundaries of research against priority pathogens by evaluating cutting-edge technologies in the prevention and management of priority pathogens using translational research
  5. To accelerate translational clinical research for emerging pathogens of pandemic threats through the Viral Research and Experimental Medicine Centre (ViREMiCS).

Key Strategies

Infection Research Strategy.png

Research Peak Leads

Andrea Kwa.jpgAssoc Prof Jenny Low

​Assoc Prof Andrea Kwa Lay Hoon

Specialty: Anitmicrobial Resistance

Deputy Director

Pharmacy (R&I), Pharmacy-Inpatient

Singapore General Hospital

​Assoc Prof Jenny Low

Specialty: Infectious Diseases

Senior Consultant

Infectious Diseases

Singapore General Hospital