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Envisioned Future

  1. To improve the health outcomes of our patients by early risk stratification or enhanced remote monitoring through wearable sensors and to utilise AI-driven analytics to detect early signs of patient deterioration.
  2. To incorporate data-driven risk stratification and/or AI predictive modelling to provide more cost-effective patient care and a safer healthcare system for our patients.
  3. To develop data-driven patient care pathways to improve patient-reported outcomes e.g. overall satisfaction and quality of life. 

Key Strategies

Implementation of 5 complementary programs with the overarching aim of improving the survival rate and functional outcome of patients at-risk of cardiac and critical care events:

Cardiovascular.png Research Peak Leads


​Prof Marcus Ong Eng Hock
Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Sub-specialty: Emergency Cardiac Care, Emergency Pre-hospital Care

Senior Consultant
Emergency Medicine
Singapore General Hospital

Health Services Research Centre

Assoc Prof Hairil Rizal bin Abdullah
Specialty: Anaesthesiology
Sub-specialty: Perioperative Medicine, Ambulatory Anaesthesia

Senior Consultant
Singapore General Hospital

Perioperative Services
Singapore General Hospital