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Clinical Translational Sciences (CTS) Core

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Academia, Level 9 Discovery Tower
65 6576 2032 

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The Clinical Translational Sciences (CTS) Core comprises of Genomics, Proteomics, Immunology, Imaging platforms under the Department of Clinical Translational Research (DCR) and its strategic initiatives are:

  • To advance translational research in SGH
  • To consolidate and develop the strengths and capabilities of the existing DCR Platforms
  • To offer technical expertise and support with experimental design, protocol development, data analysis, budget and grant preparation
  • To facilitate the use of state-of-the-art platforms for genomics, proteomics, cellular molecular

Since the formation of the CTS Core in 2012, it has played a pivotal role in advancing clinical translational research of SGH by providing essential laboratory support and in coordinating research for all SGH PIs and lab members engaged in wet/bench laboratory research. This has been made possible with the funding from NMRC Centre Grant.

The CTS Core is house in SGH Research Laboratories, where 12 other department laboratories straddling across Medicine, Surgery, Neuroscience, Musculoskeletal Sciences Academic Clinical Programs (ACP) reside. 

Genomics Platform

The Genomics platform consists of instruments for DNA sequencing, real time q-PCR, digital PCR, SNP genotyping, microRNA and gene expression analysis, DNA and RNA extraction and gel imaging.

Proteomics Platform

The Proteomics platform consists of instruments for one-dimension and two-dimension protein electrophoresis, protein expression, isolation and purification of proteins, quantitative multi-analyte profiling for cytokines, cell signaling and phosphoprotein detection fluorescence and luminescence plate readers, chemiluminescence imaging systems, spectrophotometers and liquid chromatography.

Immunology Platform

The Immunology platform consists of instruments for immunoassays and phenotyping by flow cytometry and supports research projects that seek to monitor immune responses and dissect pathological mechanisms in malignancies, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Imaging Platform 

The Imaging Platform consists of confocal and conventional fluorescence microscopes, as well as image analysis resources for image capturing of fixed or live cells or tissues, unlabeled or fluorescently labeled samples.

Interaction with Other Cores

The CTS Core will work with the Clinical Trials Research Centre to design and execute biomarker directed clinical trials and translate novel cellular immunotherapies into clinical trials. Clinical correlation of the biomarkers will be facilitated through the Health Services Research & Data Management Core. It will leverage on the expertise available in the Medical Technology & Device Development Core to develop devices including nanotechnology platforms, which will be explored for improved delivery of vaccines, adjuvant and cellular therapies.


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