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Academia, Level 1, 20 College Road
65 6576 7962


 Academia, Level 1, 20 College Road
 65 6576 7446

The Biomechanics Core comprises of two units: 

  1. Robot Enhanced Biomechanics & Engineering Laboratory (REBEL) and 
  2. Cell and Tissue Bioengineering (CTBioE)




The Biomechanics Laboratory of Singapore General Hospital is a collaborative hospital-based workspace for multi-disciplinary research and innovation.

We actively work alongside fellow researchers, clinicians, students and industrial partners from various departments and institutions, both local and overseas.

Learn more about our core facilities, current research areas and services in the subpages or feel free to contact us at or +65 6576 7962.



The Biomechanics Laboratory is located at Academia, Level 1.

 Biomech 1.png

*Cell culture space is part of the Department of Clinical Translational Research (DCR) SGH Research Laboratories located at Academia, Level 9, Discovery Tower.



Our current research areas include:

 Biomech 2.png


The services provided by the Biomechanics Laboratory are, but not limited to:

  1. Design and/or prepare experimental setup(s) to suit the needs and requirements of each Principal Investigators' research.
  2. Provide manpower support and expertise to execute the respective experiment(s).
  3. Design and/or fabricate testing jig(s) or system, according to the Principal Investigators' requirements.


Click here for more details.

For more information about the services and charges, kindly contact us at or +65 6576 7962.



About us

Robot Enhanced Biomechanics & Engineering Laboratory (REBEL) serves as a multi-disciplinary research facility that promotes cooperative collaboration in the orthopaedic biomechanics' domain. We have established close research collaboration and continued to work closely with academics, researchers, clinicians, and students within SingHealth group of healthcare institutions, as well as local and overseas tertiary institutes. REBEL provides domain-specific large joints biomechanics expertise using cadaver specimens and specialised equipment, including knee and robotic universal musculoskeletal simulators.

Our vision is to advance orthopaedics biomechanics research at Singapore General Hospital. We aim to build a credible global reputation as an outstanding academic clinical programme centre that can influence the future of healthcare through cutting edge research. 

Core facilities (Basement 1, Academia)

REBEL is equipped with various mechanical test equipment, customized jigs and fixtures that are optimized for testing of various musculoskeletal joints in biomechanical experiments. The key equipment is a 6 degrees-of-freedom robotic tester that can be used to simulate realistic human joint motion and under different loading specifications.

Our research

REBEL's current research interest includes:

  • Biomechanical studies of large joints in the lower and upper extremities (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, foot and ankle) in intact, damaged and surgically repaired states.REBEL (2).png
  • Kinematic and kinetic investigation of upper and lower extremities joints and related joint diseases
  • Design and analysis of new and novel implants by analysing its mechanical interaction within the joint of interest using computer aided design and simulation techniques as well as through 3-dimensional printing and physical experimentation

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Discuss, plan, and assist with budgeting on expenses related to laboratory consumables and services
  • Provision of domain specific knowledge to help study team with experimental design and experimental protocol development
  • Assist in crafting of research grant proposal
  • Provision of manpower to operate REBEL equipment for research projects
  • Data analysis and results interpretation



Telephone: +65 6576 7446



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