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Biomechanics Lab

Contact Information
Academia, Level 1, 20 College Road
65 6576 7962



The Biomechanics Laboratory of Singapore General Hospital is a collaborative hospital-based workspace for multi-disciplinary research and innovation.

We actively work alongside fellow researchers, clinicians, students and industrial partners from various departments and institutions, both local and overseas.

Learn more about our core facilities, current research areas and services in the subpages or feel free to contact us at or +65 6576 7962.



The Biomechanics Laboratory is located at Academia, Level 1.

 Biomech 1.png

*Cell culture space is part of the Department of Clinical Translational Research (DCR) SGH Research Laboratories located at Academia, Level 9, Discovery Tower.



Our current research areas include:

 Biomech 2.png


The services provided by the Biomechanics Laboratory are, but not limited to:

  1. Design and/or prepare experimental setup(s) to suit the needs and requirements of each Principal Investigators' research.
  2. Provide manpower support and expertise to execute the respective experiment(s).
  3. Design and/or fabricate testing jig(s) or system, according to the Principal Investigators' requirements.


Click here for more details.

For more information about the services and charges, kindly contact us at or +65 6576 7962.




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