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Pharmacy Courses

Some courses are listed under the Multidisciplinary section. Please click here to view the list of courses.


PGAHI continues to strive and bring you relevant continuing professional education even during COVID-19. 

With your well-being as priority, PGAHI adheres to the safety management measures when planning our programmes. 

We seek your understanding and patience when your desired training programmes are put on hold momentarily.



Pharmacy Preceptor Training (18 May 2024, 21 June 2024) [2 Runs] 

Fully Subscribed

Clinical Reasoning Approach to Pharmacotherapy (1 Aug 2020)



Anticoagulation Management (11 - 14 Mar 2019)

SGH-UIC Ambulatory Care: Shining the Light on Caring for Adults with Mental Health Conditions (17 Nov 2019)

Anticoagulation Management (Self-paced Online Learning: Jan to Apr 2021 & Live Interactive Session: 22 - 23 Mar 2021)

Clinical Reasoning Approach to Pharmacotherapy (Renal) (4 Sep 2021)

Clinical Reasoning Approach to Pharmacotherapy (Gastroenterology & Hepatology) (20 Aug 2022)

Anticoagulation Management (Self-paced Online Learning: 12 Jan 2023 to 11 Apr 2023 & Live Interactive Session: 6 & 7 Mar 2023)

Clinical Reasoning Approach to Pharmacotherapy (Neurology) (21 Oct 2023)