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Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT): Three Steps to Becoming Your Personal Best in Psychotherapy

11 Oct to 8 Nov, 23 Nov 2021

Therapists do really want to get better at what they do. Professional development is both a deeply held value and a career long aspiration. It is also central to lifelong job satisfaction. Unfortunately, traditional approaches (e.g.
lectures, clinical experience, even supervision) don't really work; it doesn't help therapists get any better in their craft.

Gleaning from studies done on highly effective therapists by International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE), this course focuses on helping practitioners develop a personalised system to as much as double the effectiveness of treatment while simultaneously reducing costs, drop-out rates and deterioration.

After participants have completed this course, they will qualify for the sequel course, Beyond Measures in Psychotherapy. More course details can be found at

For the course brochure for FIT, click here.

Alternatively, you may scan the QR code or click on the web link to register. Registration closes on 20 Sep 2021.


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Course Details

​Date(s) & Time:
11 Oct to 8 Nov 2021 (self-paced e-learning)
23 Nov 2021, 9.30am to 11am (post-session)

​Training Hours: 
16.5 hours

Class Size:
30 pax

Device Required:
Laptop/desktop with microphone, speaker and webcam

​Fees (inclusive of 7% GST):

S$360 (SingHealth)

S$400 (Regular)

​Registration Closing Date: 
20 Sep 2021

Post session via Zoom Cloud Meetings (Meeting details will be provided at a later date.)
Self-paced e-learning via SingHealth eLearning Portal

Target Audience:
Healthcare Professionals