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General Enquiries

What programmes does PGAHI offer? 

PGAHI provides Continuous Professional Education for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) through various programmes: courses, lectures and clinical placement attachments. Please visit the website for more information:



Who are Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)? 

SingHealth Allied Health Professional (AHP) Classification List.jpg

Will participant receive a certificate after attending a course? 

For most of the courses, participants who have fulfilled the course requirements and expectations will receive a certificate of attendance. 



What types of clinical attachment does PGAHI offer? 

PGAHI facilitates attachment to practising AHPs. Each request is subject to Department's review and approval. For more info, please click:



Programme Enrolment Criteria

What are the course admission criteria for applicants? 

PGAHI’s courses are generally customized for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). For specific course pre-requisites, please refer to the brochures of your choice course. Alternatively, to find out more, click

Kindly note that PGAHI reserves the right of final decision on course application.



What are the criteria for clinical attachment for applicants? 

Clinical attachment is designed to enhance one’s professional skills or help one to acquire a deeper understanding of a specific area of knowledge. Applicants embarked on this course usually would have been a qualified/recognised AHP based on his/her Bachelor degree. Graduate Entry Master's (GEM) degrees is generally considered as undergraduate degree for graduates.




How do I register for a course or lecture? 

Complete and submit your registration form via the FormSG link and QR code found in the course brochure and webpage.

Participants are strongly encouraged to apply for their desired course before the closing date to avoid any disappointment. 


How do I know my registration submission is successful?

You will receive a notification email from FormSG of your successful submission.



How do I know that my course registration is confirmed? 

Course registration is confirmed when payment is received.


How do I know the status of the course I have registered for is confirmed?

A welcome letter from the respective course IC will be sent to you nearer the course start date with all the course details including pre-course materials or assignment (if applicable).




What is included in the course fee?

  • Course materials (either in the form as hardcopies or softcopies) and certificates
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) 
  • Refreshments costs (if applicable) 
  • Operations and administrative costs
  • Additional cost may incur such as access to e-learning platform



How do I apply for clinical attachment?

Write to Miss Chua Sok Hong for the application form:

Applicants are advised to apply for clinical attachment at least 6 months before the training start date due to rigorous administrative processes. To achieve best learning outcomes, attachment duration should be at least 10 working days or 14 calendar days.



What is included in the clinical attachment fee?

The attachment fee includes: 



Training Fee (minimum fee per applicant begins from SGD $648 (inclusive of 8% GST) for 5-day attachment) 


Non-refundable PGAHI administrative fee:


  • Singaporeans: SGD $162 (inclusive of 8% GST)
  • Non-Singaporeans & Overseas Applicants: SGD $259.20 (inclusive of 8% GST)


Non-refundable miscellaneous fees for Overseas Applicants (Non-Singaporeans):


  • One-time Training Employment Pass (TEP) application fee: SGD $105 (re-application fee applies)
  • TEP issuance fee: SGD $225
  • Multiple Journey Visa: SGD $30 (if applicable)




How do I make payment?


Cheque payment*:


  • Cheque should be crossed and made payable to ‘SINGAPORE GENERAL HOSPITAL PTE LTD'.
  • Please clearly indicate your name, course title and course date on the reverse side of the cheque. 


Invoice payment*:


For organisation-sponsored participants, please provide the below details for us to issue an invoice to your organisation:


  • Registered company name
  • Company mailing address
  • Attention invoice to (name & department)
  • Email & Contact no. of addressee

*Payer to bear all bank charges. PGAHI will not process registration if the amount received is insufficient.



Programme Cancellation and Withdrawal

Can I cancel my registration after it is confirmed? 

Once registration is confirmed, any cancellation or replacement must be conveyed to PGAHI in writing. Any replacement of registrants is subject to the approval of PGAHI Director. A cancellation fee of 50% of course fee will be charged if cancellation request is less than 21 calendar days from the course start date.



What if my enrolled course is cancelled? 

PGAHI reserves the right to cancel the course and fully refund the amount of course fee paid to participants should unforeseen circumstances necessitate it.



Will I get any refund if I was partially or fully absent from the course due to various reasons?

There is no refund for partially present or no-show for the programme.



Subsidies/ Discounts

What are the subsidies/discounts available for PGAHI courses?



All staff of NCSS member social service agencies and MSF-funded social service agencies can apply for the VCF Local Training Grant for selected PGAHI courses only. For more information on the eligibility criteria, please click here.


SingHealth staff: 10% discount 



How will Social Service Agencies (SSAs) be billed if they receive subsidy from VCF?

The balance of the course fee (less subsidy amount) will be billed to NCSS member SSAs. PGAHI will then seek reimbursement from NCSS. However, should PGAHI’s reimbursement from NCSS be unsuccessful, the balance of course fees will still be billed to the participant’s organization.



Why participants are still charged the full course fee even when they have preliminary approval of VCF subsidy from NCSS?

NCSS is the final approver of the actual claims allowable. Should PGAHI's reimbursement from NCSS be unsuccessful, the balance of course fees will still be billed to the participant's organization (even with preliminary approval given by NCSS)





PGAHI reserves the right to grant or refuse refund at its sole and absolute discretion. We also reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.


Prices quoted are in Singapore dollars (inclusive of 8% GST) unless otherwise stated.