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CA in ID Pharmacotherapy (Antimicrobial Stewardship Program) - Level 1

Attachment Duration

1 week (duration can be customized to cater to individual learning needs)


Only for practising and/or registered Pharmacists, Microbiologists, Infectious Diseases Physicians (team-based attendance is encouraged)

Note: Each request is subject to Department's review and approval


To equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary for the development and implementation of antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) in their practice setting.


The training program is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary for the development and implementation of ASP in their practice setting, with special emphasis in the following areas:

  • Framework, funding and governance of multi-disciplinary ASP
  • Approach to design and implementation of ASP in a practice setting
  • Development and implementation of antimicrobial guidelines
  • Knowledge of various Antimicrobial Stewardship strategies, including but not limited to:
    • Formulatory restriction and pre-authorisation
    • Use of IT tools e.g. Clinical Decision Support Systems
    • Point prevalence survey
    • Prospective audit-and-feedback
  • Understanding the relationship between antibiotic use and development of resistance
  • Knowledge of the various strategies to control antibiotic resistance
  • Overview of role of microbiology and ASP
  • Choice of performance indicators


This is a predominantly coaching program, supplemented with facilitated readings and case/situational discussions. Main activities will include:

  • Small group discussions
  • Prospective audit and feedback
  • Case presentation and discussion
  • Point prevalence surveys and/ or medication use evaluation

Attachment Fees

1. Training Fee (5-day work week) depending on the nature of attachment

At least SGD $642* per applicant per week

For enquiries, please email

2. Administrative Fee Upon Acceptance (non-refundable)

Singaporeans: SGD $128.40*

Non-Singaporeans & Overseas Applicants: SGD $214*

3. Miscellaneous Fees for Overseas Applicants (Non-Singaporeans) [non-refundable]

a. Training Employment Pass (TEP)

  • One time application fee: SGD $105
  • Issuance Fee: SGD $225

b. Multiple Journey visa (if applicable): SGD $30

* Inclusive of 7% GST