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Fluency Clinic

​In the Fluency Clinic, Speech Therapists assess and provide treatment for stuttering or dysfluencies, across various age groups of people.

Fluency Intensive Programme

Our Fluency Clinic offers intensive treatment for stuttering for adolescents and adults lasting 1-4 days, with follow-up maintenance sessions. The fluency intensive programmes cater to patients who are undergoing a speech restructuring treatment approach to stuttering. 

Smooth Speech Technique

Smooth Speech Technique (SST), also known as prolonged speech, is a fluency shaping approach to the management of stuttering. Individuals are taught a new speech via the Camperdown Program. In the Camperdown Program, individuals are required to watch a video of the use of the technique, after which they come up with words or phrases to describe the type of speech produced. Their use of the technique is then facilitated by a trained Speech-Language Therapist with the goal of achieving natural sounding stutter free speech.

How can I obtain an appointment to see the Speech Therapist?

You will require a referral letter from a Singapore-registered medical doctor, made out to SGH Speech Therapy Department. Please call SGH Central Appointment Hotline at 63214377 to make an appointment.