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Speech Therapy

Contact Information
SGH Rehabilitation Centre
Outram Community Hospital (OCH), SingHealth Tower Level 4
 (65) 6321 4377 
(to make or change appointment)
The Speech Therapy Department is a specialised discipline that deals with the assessment, diagnosis and management of swallowing disorders and a range of communication disorders presenting in adults and children. These include concerns that arise in any of the following areas: 

Difficulties in chewing/swallowing solids or liquids.

Difficulty in understanding or using spoken or written messages.

Difficulty with the production and/or pronunciation of sounds.

Disorder of the voice resulting from vocal misuse or abuse.

Disorder of fluency where there is an interruption in the flow of speech characterised by repetition of sounds, words or by complete speech blocks.

Hearing Impairment 
Speech and language difficulties associated with a hearing impairment. (Hearing impairment and Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation are provided by the Listen and Talk programme at the ENT Centre.)


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