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Blood Bank (Transfusion Medicine)


The SGH Blood Bank Laboratory provides 24-hour blood compatibility testing (group and cross-match) services for Singapore General Hospital, National Heart Centre and National Cancer Centre. The laboratory provides a wide range of blood and blood products including whole blood, red blood cells, single unit platelets concentrates, cellseparator platelets, fresh frozen plasma, 5% and 20% human albumin, immunoglobulin (IVIG), and factor concentrates (Factor 7a, Factor VIII and Factor IX).

Blood Bank Laboratory provides pre-transfusion screening and compatibility testing for both elective surgery as well as emergency procedures. The laboratory also offers routine immunohaematological investigations such as cell-separator pheresis donor screening, preadmission testing, open-heart surgery (OHS) screen, neonatal jaundice investigation for haemolytic disease of the newborn (NNJ) and adverse transfusion reaction investigation.

All patients requiring blood transfusion will be grouped for ABO and Rhesus blood type as well as screened for allo-antibodies. Antibody screening is routinely performed on DiaMed Gel Micro typing cards (LISS Coombs) using three-panel screening cells supplied by the Centre for Transfusion Medicine (CTM), Health Sciences Authority.

Various serological tests carried out include ABO and Rh grouping, Direct Antihuman Globulin Tests (DAT), Indirect Coomb’s Test, antibody screening, Rh genotype and titration of antibodies.

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