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Undergoing Day Procedures @ PMC

SGH's Pain Management Centre (PMC) is a one stop unit with consult rooms, procedure suite and recovery rooms within the same premise. Our pain specialists will assess you in clinic and offer you minimally invasive procedures (or injections), if necessary. The procedures is usually performed on another day because fasting is required for the procedure as light to moderate sedation is normally provided for your comfort.

Read on to find out what you can expect when you undergo a procedure at PMC.

Preparing for procedure

After determining that you will likely to benefit from the procedure, our pain specialist will organise a date for your procedure. Our nurses will inform you on the fasting time, medication cessation instruction, reporting time and any other miscellaneous information you may require.

On the day of procedure

After arriving at PMC, our nurses will verify your identity and procedure consent. You will then change into operating theatre scrub and rest in the waiting area while we prepare the procedure suite. You will enter the procedure suite for your procedure when we have ensured that the equipment is ready and drugs prepared.

Procedure Suite

Our state-of-the-art procedure suite is located within PMC premise and is fitted with the most updated equipment to optimise the outcomes of your procedures. Other than ultrasound and fluoroscopy (also known as X Ray) devices to precisely guide position of needles, our procedure suite is also equipped with various radio frequency ablation machines to enhance the effects of various injections.

Recovery Room
After your procedure is completed, we will monitor you in our recovery room for a period of time, typically 1-2 hours, to ensure you are well and there is no complication before you leave. Though complications are rare, it is necessary to detect them early to provide necessary treatment.

As sedation is provided during the procedure, we will require aresponsible adult to accompany your departure from PMC.