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Pain Management Centre

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Blk 6, Level 2
Purple Zone​
65 6321 3411
(for departmental matters only)

​The Pain Management Centre is the first and largest in Singapore to serve patients with chronic, disabling pain disorders. The centre helps patients to restore function and manage chronic pain, using a multi-pronged approach by addressing medical, physical and psychological aspects of pain. The one-stop centre is staffed by a team of internationally trained pain specialists, dedicated pain nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists.

The Pain Management Centre is also the only training unit in Singapore, and accredited by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) Faculty of Pain Medicine to provide approved training for Pain Medicine.

Clinical Services

We assist patients suffering from pain caused by a variety of conditions. Some of these pain syndromes include headaches, orofacial pain, neck and back pain, herniated discs, arthritis, myofascial pain, postherpetic neuralgia, chronic post-surgical or post-traumatic pain, complex regional pain syndrome, painful diabetic neuropathy and cancer pain.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for patients with chronic pain. In addition to common treatments such as epidural injections, nerve blocks and trigger point injections, we also perform more advanced interventions such as radiofrequency thermoablation, neurostimulation as well as intrathecal drug delivery system. 


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