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Diagnostic Radiology

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Block 2 Level 1
Blue Zone
65 6321 4225

Radiologists are medical doctors who specialise in using medical imaging techniques to diagnose and treat disease.  We are trained to interpret CT, MRI, ultrasound and plain film images to come to an accurate diagnosis, so that your doctor can make plans for treatment.  We ensure that the most appropriate examination is performed for the patient’s problem and direct radiographers to obtain good quality images. We also use imaging techniques to guide biopsy and treat disease using minimally invasive methods. 

Clinical Services

  • General X-ray
  • CT Scan
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Breast Imaging Services
The department performs biopsies and injections under imaging guidance such as breast biopsy and joint injections. We are one of a few centres that perform MRI guided breast biopsy. We also do spinal nerve root blocks to relieve pain. 


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