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T-SPOT.TB TEST (Singhealth Patients Only)


​T-Spot TB, Tspot TB, T Spot, TB T Spot



Specimen Required

  1. ​Send blood specimens in Lithium heparin tubes (green cap). Testing is by appointment only. 
  2. Obtain samples in the morning, dispatch immediately to the laboratory, reaching the laboratory no later than 12 noon the same day.
  3. Testing is available only on Mondays to Thursdays. Testing is not available on public holidays and eves of public holidays. Urgent test requests are not indicated nor available.
  4. Adults: 10mL blood (3 tubes required), Children: 4mL blood (1 tube required), Neutropenia: at least 20mL blood (5 tubes required).
  5. Invert tube contents 8 to 10 times to ensure the whole blood is mixed thoroughly with the anticoagulant.
  6. Do NOT refrigerate at any time. Store and transport only at room temperature (18 to 25oC), otherwise the WBCs will not be viable.
  7. Please deliver samples to Client and Specimen Management (CSM), Level 8, Diagnostics Tower, The Academia, 20 College Road, Singapore General Hospital. For SGH cases, please deliver samples by pneumatic tube to station 901.

Storage and Transport


​Interferon-γ Release Assay detected by ELISPOT

Test Results

​Results reported as Reactive, Non-Reactive, Borderline, Indeterminate or Inconclusive with spot-count details and interpretation.

Reference Interval / Value

Turnaround Time

​2 days

Day(s) Test Set up

​Monday - Thursday, except public holiday or holiday eve


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