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​Intraperative Consultation

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Frozen section service is provided at the frozen section lab in the Operating Theatre Suite at SGH from Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. Contact Tel No. 6321 3530/3763. If frozen section is required outside these hours, please contact the laboratory at Tel: 6321 4008.

  1. The circulating nurse places the specimen for frozen section examination into a properly labelled container without preservative. Specimens from different sites requiring separate diagnosis should be placed in individual containers and labelled appropriately.
  2. The operating room number and telephone number must be included in the CPOE system.
  3. The attending pathologist is stationed at the Frozen Section room in the operating theatre suite from 8.30 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Tel No. 6321 3530/3763.
  4. For exceptional request for Frozen Section support on Saturday morning, the requesting surgeon will have to make special arrangement with the pathologist-on-call the day before. Alternatively, in special circumstances after office hours, the on-call technologist and pathologist can be reached by phone.
  5. The specimen with correct CPOE order information and the frozen section dispatch book must be submitted to the attending pathologist stationed at the Frozen Section room. Acknowledgement of receipt of specimens will be made by signing the dispatch book.
  6. Once the result is ready, the pathologist will either call the operating room for the report to be collected or deliver the report personally.
  7. The report will then be filed in the case notes if no further investigation is required.
  8. Additional specimens obtained for routine histology from the same patient are dispatched according to "Special instructions on Specimen Handling".


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