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Inguinal Hernia (Child)

Inguinal Hernia (Child): What is it, Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors and More | Singapore General Hospital

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Symptoms

Hernias may not be obvious until after several weeks or months after birth. It appears as a swelling or bulge over the groin area or the scrotum; bigger and more noticeable when the baby is crying or straining. It becomes serious when the bulge cannot be pushed back into the abdomen; the loop of bowel stuck in the inguinal canal will lose its blood supply. Symptoms may vary for each child but common signs include a rounded or tense abdomen, vomiting, pain or fussiness, redness or discoloration and fever.

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Diagnosis

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Preparing for surgery

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Post-surgery care

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Other Information

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